Business Disputes

  • A contractor was hired by a general contractor to supervise the construction of several buildings on an Indian reservation and executed a handwritten employment agreement. A worker employed on the project was injured and sued the general contractor, alleging that the workplace was unsafe. The general contractor filed a cross complaint against the contractor, seeking indemnity. On behalf of the contractor we filed a cross complaint against the general contractor, seeking indemnity and claiming attorney fees on behalf of the contractor, and filed a bad faith claim against the insurance companies for the general contractor. After protracted litigation, the case was settled with the insurance companies representing the general contractor’s insurers paying virtually all of the attorney fees and costs incurred by the contractor.
  • An inventor entered into a contract for the manufacture and sale of specialized aircraft antennas. After the other party attempted to renege on the contract the inventor filed suit to enforce the agreement. After protracted litigation the case was settled shortly before trial.
  • A patron of a gambling casino checked his car with the valet parking attendant. When the patron returned to pick up the car, he learned that the parking attendant had turned over the car to an unauthorized person who did not have the parking stub. Shortly thereafter the car was located in the parking lot with valuable contents missing. Suit was filed against the casino for conversion based upon its providing the auto to an unauthorized person, thereby depriving plaintiff of his property. The case was settled based upon the value of the lost contents.